Been wearing my new huge lens glasses for a week and I’m loving it! It’s got this vintage feel and gives even my simplest look an interesting character. ^^

Been wearing my new huge lens glasses for a week and I’m loving it! It’s got this vintage feel and gives even my simplest look an interesting character. ^^

To have fun with us…you gotta be good.
To stay with us…you gotta be tough.
To beat us…
You gotta be KIDDING!

Someone’s shirt




Right now…North Pole because it is so hot here in the Philippines and I would love to wear lots and lots of furry coats!

Cafe on Air

During dull hours or just in the middle of a busy day, going to a cozy and relaxing cafe house gives a refreshing and uplifting mood. Battling the various hassles of airport rush however proves to be an enemy for a tea ( sometimes coffee) bum like me. So I thought, why not create a unique experience of my own, at my own pace, at my own time…on air?, literally! You can try it too if you have a soon and coming flight, and here are the ‘things’ you’ll need:

a flight of course! Preferably before day break around 5 am perhaps. But, night trips are okay…you might just miss out on some details.
pastries or any sweet delicacies. I bought Cinnamon twirl in the airport for this…
iced coffee, no milk or sugar added is recommended.
music player with reliable earphones.

Once you’ve got all these, you’re all set to go. After take off and when the seat belt sign had been switched off, position yourself comfortably in your cushiony airplane seat. Set-up your ice cold coffee and pastries on the tray table once you are well settled. Get chilling with a dose of your favorite songs and bring your playlist in the now playing status. For my cafe on air experience, I selected soft rock, up beat and easy listening music which are mostly Korean, Thai and English. My top one was Magic Hour by G-Twenty, a Thai girl group which I’ve became a fan of. They are very much at par with K-pop groups which by the way I also love. Try watching them on YouTube and you might also be part of the heart club! To finish the preparation, don’t forget to keep the windows open for optimum satisfaction. When it’s all done…all that’s left is for you to enjoy!

Opening my single-boxed cinnamon twirl, the lovely cinnamon smell tingled my nose. I was kind of surprised that after all the walk and shaking, the cinnamon stayed firmly in the middle of the box. Only when I started eating it (with plastic fork and knife….like a true cafe ^^) did I realize how that was possible. Under the sweet glazed bread twirl is a sticky caramelized sugar, brownish to almost…just almost black. Ordering an iced coffee without any milk or sugar proved to be perfect with my little sweet twirly. The bitter flavor mixed lovely with the sweet! Side by side with the lively and feel good music running in your audio player, the sunset view outside the window just gives away grandness! A beautiful artwork unfolds as the cloud filled blue gradually changes from blue to pink then to orange. An overlap of colors matched with the gentle warm touch of the sun brings you to the gold old days of cloud castles, fairies and flying ponies! The cafe on air experience does not end with the eating. Some will surely find it hard to sleep after a cup of coffee but at least try to close your eyes and recline your plane seat. If the sun is already too bright to the point that it hurts your eyes, close the window pane about half so warm sunlight would still come in. I like how this creates a balance between the cold inside environment and the warm light outside. Here in the Philippines, rarely do I get to enjoy the sun since I rather get burnt than energize. By simulating, somewhat, a temperate climate, the hot-cold combo is something one must savor!

To finally end the cafe experience, DO NOT forget to look outside your window before landing. After a good few minutes of rest and quiet…this little final touch perfectly ends everything by showing you all the many possibilities you will be encountering for the next few days, weeks, months, or years…depending on your stay. It told me… ‘welcome, and have an awesome day ahead!’

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